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Have you worked hard to finish a quilt top and would like to have it quilted?

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your vision for the quilting, try-on some patterns, and look at thread colors. Below is my basic pricing formulas and a few examples. When you come to your appointment, I will be able to give you a precise estimate for your project. We will measure your quilt top and calculate the cost together.

Custom quilting prices will vary depending on the request. The more dense, complicated or varied the patterns are, the more per inch for the price. Additional time is required to plan and place border patterns and patterns within sashing or blocks. Stitch in the ditch is also considered custom.

Quilting Pricing

Square inches x Price =Quilting Cost

Edge to Edge Pattern                  .025 per square inch

Custom Quilting                          .026 - .06

Use the size estimates below and examples to calculate a price for your quilt (Length x Width = Square inches):

Crib/Lap Size: 40 x 55 = 2,200 square inches

Twin Size: 65 x 88 = 5,720 square inches

Double/Full: 80 x88 = 7,040 square inches

Queen: 86 x 93 = 7,998 square inches

King: 104 x 93 = 9,672 square inches

Quilting Pricing Examples

Border portion: [(40 inch length x 4 inch width of border = 160) x 2 sides = 320 square inches] + [(55 x 4 = 220) x 2 sides = 440] = 760 square inches for the border x 760 x .027 = $20.52 . Center Portion: 2200 total quilt square inches - 760 (border total) = 1440 square inches. 1440 x .06 = $86.40. Total for Quilting Service = $106.92


Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 11.57.31 AM.png




Other Sewing Tasks

I have a variety of Quilter's Dream Batting on the roll. I sell it by the inch.

My Statler Stitcher computer software came with over 600 patterns. I have so many to choose from, including themes like sports, hobbies, floral, geometric. Patterns are available for Edge to Edge Quilting, Quilting inside blocks, Borders, Border Corners, and patterns we can use for center medallions. All patterns can be manipulated with the software to fit your quilt. Below is a list of pattern designers that I really like. I have a sample of patterns from each designer, and would be willing to consider purchasing any pattern you desire. Click on the name to open their website.

Option 2

I make the binding. Machine stitch to one side AND complete the hand stitching with mitered corners.

.35 per linear inch

(example: twin 65 x 88 = [65+65+88+88 = 306 linear

                                                       inches] * .35 = $107.10

Custom Quilt Labels

embroidered or computer generated - price starts at $10.00

(you supply the fabric)

Option 1

I make the binding and machine stitch to one side. You hand stitch the other side.

.20 per linear inch

(example: twin 65 x 88 = [65+65+88+88 = 306 linear inches] * .20 = $61.20

Special Border treatment - $20.00

Seaming Backing Fabric - $12.00 per seam

Pressing top or back - $5.00 each

Straightening Backing Fabric - $10.00

Repairing quilt top seams - $25.00 per hour

Example 2:

You also want the entire quilt stitched in the ditch.

I also have Black batting.

You are always welcome to provide your own batting.

Dream Green

Dream Blend

Dream Cotton

Example 1:

A Queen size quilt with a complicated top with intricate piecing. You want to focus on the piecing and have an all-over quilting effect in a matching color thread. You want to choose an edge to edge pattern that mimics a shape that is present in the focus fabric. Using the size guide above - the cost would be .025 * 7,998 inches = $199.95 for the quilting service. (See additional cost below for thread and other supplies)

A lap size sampler quilt that includes a 4 inch boarder. You want to highlight the border with a border pattern, and you would like each unique block to have a unique pattern quilted in.

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