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Custom Quilts

If you are not a quilter, and you just want to purchase a custom quilt, I can help you out! I have knack for selecting easy patterns and fabric that really works. We just need to get together to talk about what you really want. Some great gift quilt occasions include:

Kids Rooms

Baby Quilts

Going away to college

Wedding Gift

Birthdays Christmas

Or for Yourself!

The process will involve, selecting the size of the quilt, the pattern/design, and the fabric. I can do part or all of the work for you. For the creation of the quilt, you will be responsible for the cost of all materials, labor cost for construction, and the quilting and binding services and any applicable tax.

Make an appointment, bring your ideas, and I will give you a price.

Made for a Piano Teacher

Pricing Example

Baby Quilt Example:

Your daughter is having a baby girl, and you want a sweet baby quilt made with fabric with roses. The nursery is being done in lavender. Other than this, you just want it to be nice and soft and 100% cotton. I suggest a simple nine-patch pattern that alternates nine-patch blocks with squares of a coordinating rose fabric. We will quilt with a small rose pattern in a coordinating thread and add a special label from grandma.

Here is an estimate of the cost:


11/4 Yard of Rose focus fabric (and we will use it for the binding) - $12.50

1/2 Yards of 2 coordinating fabrics - $10.00

1 3/4 Yards of Backing fabric - $17.50

Thread - $5.00

Batting (40 inches of 100%cotton batting) - $ 8.00

Label - $5.00

Materials Subtotal - $58.00 (not including tax)

Labor (time will be estimated, and you will not be charged over the estimate)

$25.00 per hour (5 hours include materials selection, cutting the pattern, and assembling the quilt) - $125.00

Quilting (Edge to Edge Pattern) - 2200 sq inches * .025 - $55.00

Binding - $66.00

Labor Subtotal - $221.00 (Services are not taxed)

Grand Total Estimate - $304.00 (not including applicable tax)

(Fabric is estimated at $10.00 per yard for quality 100% cotton fabric. The materials receipt from the fabric store will be the actual charge. After the work is done, I will lower the Labor charge to the actual time spent but you will never be charged more than the estimate.)

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